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In this series, "Offstage", my work challenges the viewer to accept the unorthodox union of a Canadian setting with Spanish Flamenco as an authentic art form by placing the dancer amid a typical Toronto construction project. In Flamenco, the dancer’s physical movements are a structured reply to the surrounding sounds of the singer and the guitarist. These images are a response to my surroundings and the struggle to mediate the two.
I was first exposed to Flamenco music by my father. As a child I was drawn to the distinctive percussive sounds of the Flamenco guitarist. Immigrating to Canada as an adult, I immediately became conscious of the visual stimulus and architectural beauty I left behind in Turkey. I was re-introduced to Flamenco in Canada, this time through dance. As my interest in photography progressed, I began to observe the Flamenco dancer and the distinctive movements of the body. Abroad I was able to effortlessly merge my love of Flamenco dance with historical architectural landscapes. Recognizing my time in Seville as short-lived I chose to unite my love of Flamenco with my new setting to unearth its imbued beauty. Amid escalating suburban infrastructure, expanding highways and oversized shopping centers, I found a manufactured splendor. I paralleled myself to the dancer whose task is not to search far away for something beautiful but to respond to the immediate settings and create a new story.


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